Thursday, 27 September 2012

25.9. visitors from alternative examples of enterprise, work and space

For this meeting we had four visitors to tell about their experience as entrepreneurs or creative workers:

Jaana Pirkkalainen, who told about the "cultural cafe" Hertta, which at the moment is an experience that has ended, but that went on from 2008 - 2012 summer, situated first in Tammelantori, Tampere, and then even more centrally Näsilinnankatu Tampere.

Annukka Tuppurainen, cultural producer, partner and worker at Kallo Works - a space founded for cultural producers to meet and have a working community. Annukka will also be experimenting and studying "creative space" for a thesis work.

Miika Peltola, 3rd year CBM student and partner in a graphic design office Sissy. At the moment Sissy has no space of its own at all, and even though in the future they will have an office in Helsinki, the partners will continue working through internets.

Aapo Kivenmaa, 3rd year CBM student who showed examples of a record business Avenger Records he is involved in - do it yourself or do nothing! - and the Vastavirta (Countercurrent) rock-festival organized this summer for the tenth time in Kokemäki with no funding whatsoever...

The issue of doing what you love and being able earn a living was much discussed...

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